Mastering Non-Clinical Challenges in Drug Development: A Roadmap to Success!

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05 Mar 2023

Join our upcoming webinar, designed to untangle the intricacies of non-clinical challenges in drug development. It's imperative to recognize that beyond the clinical aspect, there exists a complex domain of non-clinical considerations that greatly influence the trajectory of drug development.

These considerations range from understanding the potentially toxic effects of compounds to evaluating how they behave within biological systems and even differentiating their characteristics based on their molecular nature.

  1. Common Non-Clinical Challenges
  2. Overview: Toxicology, Safety pharmacology, Metabolism, Pharmacokinetics
  3. Non-Clinical Drug Development of different modalities:
  4. Small molecules
  5. Biologicals
  6. CGT
  7. Vaccines
  8. Performing a GAP Analysis

To further aid your efforts, we offer attendees the chance to book a free half-hour consultation dedicated to creating a personalized roadmap for your non-clinical plans based on a GAP analysis with our non-clinical experts.

Speaker: Arthur Noach, Non-Clinical Expert