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In order to ensure a good development trajectory for your potential drug compound a good understanding of the drug development process is indispensable. Each step in the process is linked to others and a large variety of expertise is typically involved for tackling all aspects of the development. Of course, you don’t have to be an expert in each of the disciplines, but it is very favourable to have some basic knowledge of the various aspects of development to understand the entire process and its interconnections. In addition, you may have an interest in getting deeper knowledge on some of these disciplines. For instance, pharmacokinetics, clinical trial methodology and study design and biostatistics are all important aspects in the various stages a drug candidate goes through. biostatistics. Our experts who daily work on drug development can help you to quickly master general and specific knowledge about the various aspects of drug development.

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Training by the experienced experts of Venn Life Sciences will quickly bring you up to speed in your knowledge on drug development, pharmacokinetics, study design and/or biostatistics. Training can be provided at the Venn offices, at location or online.

Venn Life Sciences offers:

Various training support

  • General Drug Development training
  • Specialized training on pharmacokinetics
  • Specialized training on clinical trial methodology and study design
  • Specialized training on biostatistics
  • Kickstart meeting, with a condensed overview of drug development followed by 1-to-1 sessions with one of the Venn experts, in which you can ask questions related to the development of your own compound.

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