Exploring Non-Clinical Research and Alternative Methods

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02 Jul 2024

Toxys & Venn Life Sciences share their insights on the possibilities for use of alternative methods in drug development.

Our previous webinar on challenges in Non-Clinical Drug Develpment was met with enthusiastic reception and sparked numerous inquiries on alternative, highlighting the community's keen interest and demand for more information.

About this webinar

Since studies with animals not always predict accurately for human responses, the search for alternative methods has been intensified in the last decades. Better predictive non-animal models will decrease the change of failure during late stage clinical drug development.

A Combination of Legislation & Practice

In our upcoming webinar, we will present current legislation on animal testing and possibilities to use alternative methods in drug development and showcase a real-world case study. Venn will cover the legislative aspects, while Toxys will highlight their ReproTracker® and ToxTracker® assay, an innovative in vitro method. Together, we will demonstrate how these approaches can provide reliable and relevant data in drug development.

In the webinar, we will discuss:

- Current viewpoints from regulatory authorities
- Ethical consideration and potential impact on R&D
- Existing alternative methods in drug development
- Strategies for incorporating these methods into R&D
- Succesful case study using alternative methods

To further aid your efforts, we offer attendees the chance to book a free half-hour consultation with an expert, dedicated to exploring how you can implement alternative methods.