September 23 - September 27


Pharmacokinetics Course

pharmacokinetics course

PLEASE NOTE: This Course will be attended virtually only.

Pharmacokinetics (PK) is generally referred to as ‘what the body does to the drug’ versus ‘what the drug does to the body’ (pharmacodynamics [PD]). Pharmacokinetics describes the fate, or time course, of an administered drug within the body. The physiological processes that determine the time course of the drug are Absorption, Distribution, Metabolism and Elimination (ADME). Both the desired effects and undesired effects of a drug are related to the drug levels in the body. The pharmacokinetic properties of a drug determine these levels. Ultimately, the optimal dose and dosing regimen to reach the desired or therapeutic drug levels are determined by means of pharmacokinetics.

This course will focus on the physiochemical properties underlying the pharmacokinetics of a drug, will give insight in the calculation and interpretation of the pharmacokinetic parameters and will also explain the importance and application of pharmacokinetics in preclinical and clinical drug development.

Who should attend?

You are interested in pharmacokinetics (or toxicokinetics), either because you started a career in drug development or in pharmacokinetics, you regularly interact with others working in pharmacokinetics, or simply because you want to broaden your knowledge on this topic.

What does the program cover?

During this course you will get familiar with at least the following subjects:

Day 1-2

Understanding of biological processes underlying pharmacokinetics

• Absorption, including passive diffusion and active drug transport

• Distribution, including tissue distribution and plasma protein binding

• Metabolism, including enzymatic transformation, inhibition and induction

• Elimination, including renal excretion

Day 2-3

Calculation and interpretation of pharmacokinetic parameters

• Pharmacokinetics after a single IV dose

• Pharmacokinetics after an extravascular dose

• Pharmacokinetics after repeated dosing

• Urinary pharmacokinetic parameters

• Linear versus non-linear pharmacokinetics

• Interpreting volume of distribution and clearance

Day 4-5

• The role of pharmacokinetics in preclinical and clinical drug development

• Pharmacokinetics in practice: Case study

• General introduction into pharmacokinetic / pharmacodynamic modeling


This course will be a mixture of theoretical background, real-life examples and practical exercises.

Key Learning Objectives:

Upon completion of this course you will be familiar with the pharmacokinetic concepts and the underlying physiochemical processes. You will be able to effectively interpret pharmacokinetic information and put it into the context of drug development.


After this course you will receive a certificate of participation.


The costs of this course is €999.- (excl. VAT) for five days.

Timing & Location:

The course is scheduled to take place online over 5 days and will be planned in the morning CEST. This will allow for our APAC subscribers to easily participate.


Hazel Ross, BSc. (Hons)

A consultant clinical pharmacokineticist at Venn Life Sciences with nearly 20 years experience in the pharmaceutical industry, working in the field of metabolism and pharmacokinetics for global pharmaceutical companies and contract research organisations. Acting at a high scientific level in the planning, execution and reporting of pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic analyses. Specialist expertise and in depth clinical/regulatory knowledge in the field of pharmacokinetics in relation to Phase I/II clinical trials. Educational background in pharmacology from the University of Sheffield.

Nuria Alcaide Morcillo

Nuria joined Venn in 2022 as a PK consultant and has been working in the Pharmacokinetics field since 2015, in both a clinical and non-clinical setting.

Marian Geldof

Marian is Group Leader Clinical PK & Clinical PK consultant at Venn. Before joining Venn in 2019, Marian worked 5 years at Unilever (Netherlands) as Team Leader and Lead Scientist bioavailability & ADME in the Department of Nutrition & Health. Before joining Unilever, Marian worked 8 years as senior scientist at the Department of DMPK at Janssen R&D (Belgium) and was responsible for various PK/TK studies of pharmaceutical compounds in laboratory animals (applying PK, PBPK, popPK  modeling). Marian finalized her MSc of Biopharmaceutical Sciences in Leiden University in 2001 and finalized a PhD on the mechanism-based PK/PD modeling of antidepressants in 2007 at the Leiden/Amsterdam Center for Drug Research (LACDR) in Leiden.

Tom Habraken

Tom studied Drug Innovation in Utrecht, with a focus on Pharmacology. He Joined Venn in 2019 as a clinical PK consultant and has been involved in clinical development since 2015. Tom is the main organizer of the Venn PK course since 2020.


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