Randomisation and Trial Supply Management (RTSM)


Enhancing the quality of clinical trials through accurate identification and selection

Complex and innovative clinical trial designs – often involving a new generation of very expensive Medicinal Products - require complex randomization models and challenging logistic issues. The identification and selection of the right subpopulation – in sufficient numbers - is important to enhance the quality of your trial, as it allows to identify the sub-populations in which the therapy might get better results.

Optimizing the logistic chain

It is also crucial to optimize the logistic chain to ensure all patients are treated on time with the best cost optimization in terms of manufacturing and logistic flow.

Venn Life Sciences can support you in:

Randomisation and Trial Supply Management

  • Statistical and methodological support
  • Complex randomisation design and simulation
  • Blinding protection
  • Patient and site management
  • Recruitment control
  • Complex dose adaptation/allocation designs
  • Logistic management taking into account methodological constraints and costs
  • Clinical supply management
  • Usual treatment management (expiration, stability, accountability, relabelling, destruction…)
  • Data link integration with other trial components (EDC, central laboratories, depots…)
  • 21CRFpart 11 compliant system
  • 24/7 support provided by internal team online and by phone.
  • Safe and redundant IT infrastructure
  • Large experience focused on regulatory phases from very complex phase I to large phase III trials
  • Experience in 75 countries

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