Kickstart Days by Venn Life Sciences

An innovative initiative dedicated to start-ups

Venn have introduced a new training initiative to help start-ups, at the beginning of their development, to fully benefit from our knowledge and expertise in drug or medical device development. We chose to organize these Kickstart Days at the heart of the start-ups ecosystems in Montpellier France by teaming up with SATT AxLR and BIC.

Kickstart Days, first training session in Montpellier: a successful collaboration with SATT AxLR and BIC (Business Innovation Center)

This one one-day workshop offers training and personalized face-to-face meetings with start-ups.

On February 20th, 2019, Venn Life Sciences launched its first Kickstart Day in Montpellier (France) in collaboration with SATT AxLR, a technology transfer acceleration company, and Cap Alpha, part of the Business Innovation Centre, an incubator based in Montpellier.

The partnership demonstrates the commitment of each organisation to bring more expertise to support to grow this dedicated start-up ecosystem.

“AxLR is a technology transfer acceleration company. Our specialty is helping innovative projects derived from academic research reach maturity and commercialization. Since January 2018, AxLR has integrated the incubation activity from LRI (Languedoc Roussillon Incubation). We wanted to give our startup partners every chance to succeed in their own product development and my idea was to propose a pertinent roadmap coming from Venn Life Sciences a CRO expert in this field”, commented Hervé Ansanay, Director Business Development and Transfer at AxLR.

Our first session, dedicated to early drug development, was a success with over 20 participants (CEO, CSO, project managers…) coming from 9 different start-ups and projects.

Our next session in Montpellier will be organized in September 2019 with a focus on medical technologies.

Let’s hear from the promising start-up Ciloa:

Ciloa, start-up based in Montpellier, produces fully native membrane proteins embedded in the membrane of exosomes. Membrane proteins (simple, complex or multimeric proteins) are perfectly folded and functional for binding.

From left to right: M. Lachat, B. Trentin and R. Mamoun from Ciloa

This unique tool allows Ciloa to develop therapeutic vectors, therapeutic antibodies and a new generation of vaccines specific of membrane protein ectodomains.

The start-up has received many awards, and lately they were selected as EVC finalist of the French Tech Transfer Invest and is also finalist at the Hello Tomorrow Global Challenge 2019.

We were delighted to have 3 people from the Ciloa’s team attend the first Kickstart Day and received very positive feedback.

“Today, Ciloa is in preclinical stage, more specifically in POC stage. We plan to enter the regulatory preclinical stage soon. This workshop was great for us as it gave us an overview on how to plan the next phases and the different tips to make a success of our drug development” – Mrs Trentin, CSO, Ciloa.

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Venn Life Sciences is a European Integrated Drug Development Partner, created in 1989 with approximately 200 collaborators, offering a unique combination of drug development expertise and clinical trial design and management to pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device organisations. Face to the transformation of the healthcare industry, Venn Life Sciences has been developing innovative solutions to its customers, especially to start-ups that need specific support.